USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder

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  • 10-hour battery, so you never run out of power
  • Sound can be clearly recorded from 20 feet away
  • Plug it into your computer to hear recordings & charge battery
  • Works on all computers, no software required

  • Easily Record Conversations With This Hidden Recorder

    You probably have several USB drives like this one laying around your desk. All of them do the same thing, but this one has a secret - there's a tiny microphone hidden inside of it.

    Put this recorder on your desk or table, and it can hear you talking up to 20 feet away. You can also slip it in your pocket and record yourself talking to your boss or a coworker. You'll still get a clear sound, but it could be a bit muffled if your clothing is thick.

    Incredibly Simple To Use

    The battery lasts 10 hours, which is more than enough time to record. Plugging the flash drive into your computer recharges the battery - you can also listen to what you recorded using iTunes or Windows Media Player.

    When you have it plugged into your computer, you can do whatever you want with the audio files. You can play it, save it to your desktop, put it on a CD, or even email it. It’s all up to you.

  • Customers Use This To:

    • Record verbal abuse from bosses and coworkers
    • Catch people lying
    • Tape lectures at school
    • Save conversations with lawyers

  • Here's How It Works:

    On the side of the USB drive, there’s a small switch for power. When you flip the switch, the voice recorder turns on and starts recording everything nearby. When you’re done recording, flip the switch to turn the power off.

    To hear the recording you just made, plug it into your computer - a folder on the flash drive will automatically open. Your taped conversations will be inside that folder.

    Every time you turn the power on, a new file is made. When you turn it off, that audio file is saved. So, if you talk to 3 different people, and you turn the power on 3 times, there will be 3 files. That makes it so easy to keep your conversations organized.

    The drive can store up to 144 hours of audio, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

  • What’s In The Box:

    • USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    The flash drive audio recorder is a great recorder for under $50. You'll love the long, 10-hour battery life and how little it is. If sound quality is your number one goal, you should think about getting a pen or the Pro USB - they can hear further away and have better sound.

    - SpyGuy

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