LM-8 Hidden Camera & Bug Detector

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  • Is perfect for frequent travelers
  • Finds any type of hidden camera
  • Can also detect wireless microphones
  • Very wide 2MHz-6GHz frequency range
  • Our best ‘all-around’ tracker

  • The Only Way To Find All Types Of Cameras

    Have you seen our huge spy camera collection? We have over 50 of them, and the average person doesn’t even realize that these products are even available to the public.

    On top of that, it feels like there’s a news story every other day that details how a criminal used a hidden camera in an illegal way. Often times, they involve hotel rooms, which are where travelers usually stay.

    If you’ve ever worried about a hidden camera watching you, the LM-8 can find it. It doesn’t matter if that camera is wired, wireless, or battery operated - the LM-8 finds wherever the camera is.

    How To Use It:

    See the red viewport at the top of the detector? You look through it and hit the ‘blink’ button on the side - this makes the LEDs blink outward towards whatever you’re looking at. The bright red light bounces off of pinhole cameras lenses, which then goes back to the viewport you’re looking through. It’s very obvious when you’ve found a lens, which you can then closely investigate.

    On top of that, you’re also able to find a very wide range of wireless signals, like microphones and hidden cameras. The LM-8 actually has the 2nd widest frequency range of all our counter surveillance (20MHz-6GHz), which makes this our best all-around bug detector.

    If you need to know more about how wireless bugs work, click the tab above labeled 'How It Works’.

    People That Get This:

    • Think a camera is watching them
    • Are often traveling and in hotel rooms

  • Here's How It Works

    When someone uses the term ‘bug’, they’re usually talking about a covert device that sends a wireless signal. That device could be a hidden camera or microphone. The signal it sends usually goes anywhere from 50-500 feet, but it could go further.

    The signal that’s being sent goes to a receiver. That receiver could be send to a tape recorder, or even a person camping inside a van like you see in movies. Yes, law enforcement actually does that! That signal can be detected with a bug detector.

    So, you think you’re being bugged. Turn off all your electronics that emit signals, like wireless routers and cordless phones. Flip the power switch on the detector, and pay attention to the LEDs on the bug detector. If it senses a weak signal, a couple of LEDs might flicker.

    The stronger the signal, the brighter the LEDs get. As you walk around the room, pay attention to those lights. If there really is a wireless bug, you’ll be able to pinpoint where it is.

  • What's In The Box:

    • LM-8 Hidden Camera & Bug Detector
    • 2xAAA batteries
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    Like the description said, it’s perfect for anyone that travels and has a suspicion a camera is watching them. Hotel room hidden cameras are nothing new - there are news stories about that every week, it feels like.

    This is the only bug detector we offer that finds all types of hidden cameras, and it also has a wide frequency range - it’s easily our best ‘all-around’ tracker.

    - SpyGuy

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