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Reverse Peephole Viewer

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• See what’s happening on the other side of a door
• Great for protecting police officers on duty
• Helpful for bounty hunters

  • Know What You’re Getting Into

    Nearly all residences, offices, and hotel rooms have an eye-level peephole, which is great for their own protection. It lets the viewer see out, while the other side can’t see in.

    There are some people who absolutely need to know what’s happening on the other side of a door, though. One example that comes to mind is law enforcement - they absolutely don’t want any surprises before they enter a building. Who knows what could be on the other side?

    The reverse peephole viewer flips the way that the door peephole works. When you’re on the outside of the door, press the viewer lens against the peephole and look through the lens. The lens can rotate to focus, which means it can work with peepholes of any viewing angle.
  • What's In The Box:

    • Reverse Peephole Viewer

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