VC-7 Pro Hardwired Camera Detector

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  • Only finds cameras with a cable
  • Great for finding CCTV security cameras

  • The Professional Version For Detectives

    There are many types of cameras that don’t send wireless signals. That includes half of our hidden cameras, in addition the CCTV security cameras you see at businesses and other buildings.

    Fortunately, there’s another way to find those. Every video camera has an extremely small device that vibrates. The average bug detector can’t find it, but the VC-7 is a professional tool that can.This means that any camera in use can be found this the VC-7.

    How To Use It:

    Simply turn it on, walk around a room, and check to see if the indicator lights come on. If they do, it’s found a camera, and it’ll help you pinpoint where that camera is.

    The only thing you need to remember beforehand is to turn off any nearby television. TVs have this same vibrating component, which can mess with your results. Because of this you can actually learn how to use the VC-7 correctly by using it on your television.

    This Detects:

    • Anything with a camera inside it
    • Cameras that a regular detector can’t find

  • What's In The Box:

    • VC-7 Pro Hardwired Camera Detector
    • 9-volt battery
    • Instruction manual

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