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Wireless Camera Detector LCD

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• Only finds wireless hidden cameras
• Shows camera footage on the LCD screen
• Scans in under 5 seconds
• Detects up to 500 feet away

  • Find Wireless Cameras Fast

    This detector is made with the single purpose of finding wireless hidden cameras. Both PAL and NTSC video signals are detected, so you can use it to detect cameras in every major country.

    The WCD LCD scans all signals between 900MHz-6GHz, which is where most wireless camera signals hang out. When a camera is intercepted, it actually displays what the camera sees on the 2.5” screen, instantly revealing the location of the camera.

    A rechargeable battery inside lasts for 3 hours before it runs out of power. Since the average scan is only 5 seconds, you won’t have to charge this thing up for a long time.

    Please keep in mind that this camera will detect only analog cameras - it can’t find cameras that connect to the internet. Your best chance at finding an internet camera is the LM-8. If you need to know more about how wireless bugs work, click the tab above labeled 'How It Works’.

    People That Get This:

    • Suspect there’s a wireless camera around
    • Investigators who want to save time
  • Here's How It Works

    When someone uses the term ‘bug’, they’re usually talking about a covert device that sends a wireless signal. That device could be a hidden camera or microphone. The signal it sends usually goes anywhere from 50-500 feet, but it could go further.

    The signal that’s being sent goes to a receiver. That receiver could be send to a tape recorder, or even a person camping inside a van like you see in movies. Yes, law enforcement actually does that! That signal can be detected with a bug detector.

    So, you think you’re being bugged. Turn off all your electronics that emit signals, like wireless routers and cordless phones. Flip the power switch on the detector, and pay attention to the LEDs on the bug detector. If it senses a weak signal, a couple of LEDs might flicker.

    The stronger the signal, the brighter the LEDs get. As you walk around the room, pay attention to those lights. If there really is a wireless bug, you’ll be able to pinpoint where it is.
  • What's In The Box:

    • Wireless Camera Detector LCD
    • Rechargeable battery

    • Carrying case
    • Power adapter
    • Instruction manual

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