Bodyworn Camera Stick

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  • Records 720x480 video @ 30FPS, with sound
  • 1 hour of battery life, rechargeable
  • Single button operation
  • Play the video on any computer

  • Get Creative With This Flexible Camera

    The Camera Stick is the size of a stick of gum, but that doesn’t stop it from having a nice battery life and good quality picture. It can clip onto almost anything (like a pocket or a book) and quietly record whatever it’s pointed at.

    This item isn’t a hidden like other cameras we offer, but our customers seem to find a lot of different ways to use it. It's definitely not obvious at first glance, but you can use it a lot of different ways:

    • Record from RC planes and helicopters
    • Clip it on your jeans pocket
    • Stick it with velcro inside a car
    • Make your own hidden camera

    There’s a single button on the back of the camera that turns it on and record. The switch on the side is used to pick between videos or photos, both of which can be date or time stamped. Plug it into your computer to recharge the battery and view the videos you recorded.

  • What’s In The Box:

    • Bodyworn Camera Stick
    • USB cable
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    Customers always surprise me when they let us know how they use this camera. RC helicopters and self-made hidden cameras seem to be the most common, along with people that just stick them in a room somewhere.

    I once had a 10 minute conversation with a customer before noticing he had it in his jacket pocket - and I do this for a living. This is a camera that lets you get creative. If that’s not for you, I recommend trying one of the pre-made hidden cameras.

    - SpyGuy

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