Commuter Hardwired GPS Tracker

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  • Get all details of where a car has been
  • View it live from your iPhone, Android, & computer
  • Get notified by text or email about car locations

  • 10 second updates - watch it move in real time
  • Easily connected to the 12-volt battery in your car
  • Perfect accuracy down to the exact parking spot
  • Great choice for fleet vehicles

  • Perfect For Fleet Tracking

    There are many types of GPS trackers out there - passive, active, hardwired, OBD, and etc. It can be incredibly confusing for someone new to GPS, so let’s make it easy.

    The Commuter tracker let’s you see where a vehicle is at anytime using your iPhone, Android, or computer. It hooks up to your car or boat’s battery, meaning you don’t have to worry about recharging it. This also makes it great for managing a fleet of vehicles at your business.

    Using a real-time GPS tracker is the easiest way to keep track of what’s happening. You’ll be able to see important details of what the vehicle is currently doing, as well as everything it’s done for the past 90 days.

    Where To Put It

    This isn’t battery operated, it’s a hardwired tracker that actually need to connect to your car power. The means it can be hidden practically anywhere in the car, although the most common places are the trunk and dashboard.

    If you aren’t tech savvy, you’re going to have trouble installing this unit. A your mechanic or friendly neighbor teenager might be able to help you out. Or, you could get the Outlander GPS tracker, which is the exact same thing but operates with a battery pack.

    Seeing Where It Is

    When you get your tracker, you’ll setup a new GPS account with us. Once setup, you can log in through the iPhone/Android app, or you can log in on our GPS website. Imagine using Google Earth or Google Maps, because it’s exactly like that.

    Once you log in, the 3D maps system zooms in on the car, or multiple cars if you have more than one tracker. The first thing you’ll see the exact address, when the car last moved, & how much battery life’s left. Every 10 seconds, you’ll see the car icon move across the map with the new location of the car.

    You’ll spend a lot of time in the ‘reporting section’. This is where you can see the address of where the car was, how long it was there, when it left, and so much more. All of this data can easily be printed off or emailed.

    Want to get notified if the car gets turned on, or if it leaves/enters a certain neighborhood? You can setup text or email notifications and you’ll instantly know if the car is on the move.

  • What’s In The Box:

    • Commuter Hardwired GPS Tracker
    • Instruction manual

  • Data Plan Info:

    All real-time trackers like the Commuter need a data plan to work - it needs to be able to connect to the Internet and share all the info it’s collecting.

    Our data plan is $29.99/month, and there’s no contract. It’s month-to-month, unlike most companies that want to sign you up for 6-12 months contracts, even though you might not need it that long. Cancel it anytime to want, and activate it again when needed.

  • Expert Advice

    This hardwired tracker is nearly the exact same as our battery-operated Outlander model. If you have a fleet of vehicles you’re trying to monitor, absolutely go with the Commuter because you’ll save a ton of time and effort.

    - SpyGuy

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