Magnetic Case for Outlander GPS

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  • Securely holds the Outlander GPS tracker
  • Waterproof casing keeps the tracker safe
  • Rugged design prevents damage
  • Giant magnet keeps it from falling off the car

  • Hide Your Tracker Under A Car

    If you’re thinking about getting the Outlander tracker, there are a few reasons why you need to get a magnetic case to go with it:

    • You want to hide it where nobody can see it
    • You need with keep it safe from damage
    • You need to keep water from frying the electronics
    The Outlander magnetic case has a huge magnet on it. Put the tracker inside the case, and then latch the case on to the undercarriage of the car. There’s a steel reinforcement bar underneath the plastic bumper of your car, where you can stick the tracker.

    Don’t worry - this thing is strong. There’s no way it’s falling off the car, and you can only take it off if you’re really trying. It’s an 80-lb magnet, which means it can magnetically hold 80lbs of metal before it lets go.

    Trust us when we say case is extremely rugged - we’ve thrown it off a truck moving 80mph down the highway to see what would happen. The tracker was totally safe inside, and the case wasn’t scuffed up too bad.

    Since your tracker would be on outside of the car, you also need to make sure it’s safe from the weather. This one is waterproof, so the tracker is safe from anything Mother Nature throws at it.

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    • Outlander Magnetic Case

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