Outlander Extended Battery & Case

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  • Drastically increasesOutlander's battery life by 4-5x
  • Cuts down on how often you need to recharge
  • Waterproof casing keeps the tracker safe
  • Rugged design prevents damage
  • Huge magnet keeps it from falling off the car

  • Don’t Worry About Running Out Of Power

    Do you need to track a car for long periods of time without needing to recharge the battery? If you do, or you’re just trying to make your life easier you need to get an extended battery pack.

    The Outlander GPS tracker is motion activated, meaning it only uses power when it’s in motion. The battery that comes with it lasts for 18 hours of drive time. That means if you drive for 1 hour a day, your battery will last 18 days. 2 hours of driving a day means the tracker needs to be charged every 9 days. Make sense?

    This extended battery for this tracker lasts 80 hours of drive time. At 1 hour of motion a day, your Outlander battery can track vehicles for almost 3 months without a charge. That was unheard of just a few years ago.

    Having this extended battery cuts down on the amount of time you need to recharge. Keep in mind that every time you need to recharge, you can’t track the car. So, using this battery pack means you don’t have to recharge it so often, and you don’t have to stop monitoring the vehicle.

    Weatherproof Design Magnetic Attaching

    The Outlander magnetic case has a huge magnet on it. Put the tracker inside the case, and then latch the case on to the undercarriage of the car. There’s a steel reinforcement bar underneath the plastic bumper of your car, where you can stick the tracker.

    The case is incredibly strong and waterproof, which means it’s protected from the elements. The 80-lb magnet is super strong, which means over 80 lb of pressure needs to be applied before it will disconnect. We haven't heard of it coming off a moving car in the 5 years we’ve been around.

  • What's In The Box:

    • Outlander Magnetic Case
    • Outlander Extended Battery
    • Hex key

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