Pocket Keychain Audio Recorder

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  • Lets you record high quality sound
  • 15 hour rechargeable battery
  • Picks up sound from over 20ft away

  • Easy to use when inside a pocket
  • Listen & recharge by connecting to your computer

  • Discreetly Record Your Conversations

    Almost everyone has a keychain in their pocket or purse. They all look pretty similar, and usually have a remote control to unlock a car. Because you carry your keys around with you anyways, this product is a great pick if you need to quietly record a conversation without anyone else knowing.

    The pocket keychain audio recorder can be put on a nearby table, but it really shines when you keep it in your pocket. The mic inside this recorder is sensitive that you’ll be able to record your conversations while the keychain’s in your pocket or purse. You’ll just need to hit one of the buttons on the key fob to begin recording.

    Here's How It Works

    Once you hit the record button (disguised as the unlock button), the unit vibrates for short moment to let you know it’s powered on. To stop recording, hit the same button again, and it will vibrate again to let you know it saved the recording. On the back of the unit, there’s a hidden ‘trap door’ that reveals a USB port so you can connect it to your computer.

    The audio keychain doesn’t make any sounds, of course, nor have any visible lights. Nobody knows that it’s recording sound except you, so there’s no need to worry about getting caught. The built-in battery lasts for 15 hours before you have to charge it.

    When you plug it into a computer, the battery inside recharges, and you can also listen to what you taped. A window will also open, showing you all the files that you recorded. Just double-click on the file and you can listen to it using iTunes or Windows Media player. Then, you can either save the file for later or delete it.

  • We’ve Had Customers Use This To:

    • Record conversations with coworkers
    • Catch people lying
    • Secret shopping
    • Record verbal abuse

  • What’s In The Box:

    • Pocket Keychain Audio Recorder
    • Earbuds for listening to recordings
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    This product has been a huge hit with private investigators over the past couple of years. The audio keychain is the same size as some of our other audio recorders, but the battery life is much longer, which gives it an advantage.

    This is a great choice if you need to keep a recorder in your pocket or want something different from a pen.

    - SpyGuy

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