USB Flash Drive Spy Camera

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  • It’s a working flash drive with a hidden camera
  • Records 720x480 video & sound
  • Motion-activated video with sound

  • 2 hours of battery life, rechargeable
  • Easy to use, only 3 buttons
  • Play the video on any computer

  • One Of Our Favorite Bodyworn Cameras

    This hidden camera is built inside a regular USB flash drive, making it a good choice to have if you need to monitor your computer or office. See what’s happening on your computer when you go out to lunch.

    Set this computer down on your desk, press the power button, and you’re good to go. The camera inside is motion-activated, meaning it only records video when someone moves around the room. There’s also a microphone inside to hear any sound taking place during the recording.

    If you’re using the camera on the go, you can add it to your keyring and simply hold it in your hand. You also have the option of taking a 2-megapixel picture instead of video. Both pictures and video can be date/time stamped so you know exactly when an event took place. When you’re done, just plug it into a computer and watch the footage.

  • Customers Use This To:

    • Record theft in an office
    • Catch unwanted behavior
    • Make undercover busts
    • Record viral videos

  • What’s In The Box:

    • USB Flash Drive Spy Camera
    • Instruction manual

  • Expert Advice

    Most people like to leave this camera on a desk or shelf to catch something going on, and that’s definitely what this was made to do. You could also plug it into your PC for constant power, so it doesn’t need to be charged. I’ve also seen people hide it in a cigarette carton and poke a hole for the camera.

    - SpyGuy

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